Our history


The land, at about 725 meters above sea level, given as a dowry to Dr. Mauro, a veterinarian from the nearby town of Grimaldi, has known its splendor thanks to cattle, pig and sheep breeding and the cultivation of maize, wheat and vegetables among which, particularly prized, was the tomato used to make the sauce.

Love for Nature and Respect for season rhytmics to obtain aboundant e geniune harvesting

Ancient land, endless possibilities

Casavurga is a historic area in the small Calabrian village Belsito. 

A beautiful sun-kissed valley that extends into a vast area surrounded by woods. 

Since the last century Casavurga has known its splendor becoming not only an area dedicated to grazing and agriculture, but also  a point of reference for the population of the area: one of its cottages was used, free of charge, as a nursery school, welcoming children from neighboring villages.

Passion and dedication for an uncontaminated land

The company was founded by four young Calabrian professionals, coming from different working sectors, that changed their live by dedicating themselves to agriculture in order to have a lifestyle based on the rhythms of nature.

History and tradition from an ancient region.

To complete the fantastic landscape you can find a small Etruscan necropolis not far from our land and some ancient caves used air raid shelters during second world wars.

Technique and specialization at the service of Nature

The production plant is located in the centre of the farm and it is perfectly integrated with the rural landscape.

In the food processing area we can transform the freshly picked fruit by using ultra-modern machines that also allows vacuum cooking at low temperatures, in order to preserve aromas, flavours, colours and nutritional properties.

Systems can register all production data in order to assure full traceability in the process according to the strictest quality standards.

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